Thursday, January 31, 2013

Karen's Journal- No Theme (Have Fun!)

I didn't have much time to create a journal from scratch (wasn't paying attention to the Milliande Ning group's call for swaps) so I just printed fabric and sewed a simple cover to a Strathmore Visual Journal (watercolor paper weight). I decided not to have a theme. I don't know if this is easier or not. You'll have to ask Louise and Helen. I wanted them to have as much freedom to play as their hearts desired. I do plan to decorate the outside of the journal once its journey is done.

I am so excited to be a part of this exchange. These kinds of activities always help me grow as a person and an artist. I am honored to have the opportunity to play with two amazing Australian artists.

I did watercolor and write on a few pages to give them a peek at who I am as a journal artist. I included some quotes because I do love collecting them. I hope they feel free to add to these pages too.  This is going to be fun!

Friday, January 11, 2013

                     Helen's Journal - Icons

This is my journal, Icons is my theme. I choose this because I love religous Icons both old and new. There are some fabulous artists on etsy that do icon paintings like FlorLarios and Heather Galler who was my inspiration for my cover.

Icons can be of anything that is important to you, there are no boundaries. I just like the decorative aspect of religous icons, they used all sorts of decorations from beads to precious stones, lace, ribbons, anything that the artist could get or afford to make the picture as decorative as possible.

So my journal sets a bit of a challenge to try something a different that will be fun!!!