Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adding to Louise's Journal

 I was so excited to see Louise Kirby's nature study journal in my mailbox. I felt instantly inspired and got to work. I had been working in my garden and had collected some feathers which I used on my first entry and included some quotes from one of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver, and one of my favorite composer/singer Leonard Cohen. I throw in the Bob Dylan quote just because it worked so well.

I also think it is pretty incredible how small the world can be. I participated in Shannon Ganshorn's International Mixed Media Postcard Swap where you make 10 postcards and receive 10 postcards. Well, you can imagine my surprise when I got a small envelope made from an old calendar (very cool) not only filled with a wonderful postcard but Australian postage stamps and paper. Next I got an even bigger surprise. The package was from Pam Parker who just happens to be Louise's mom! How cool is that?

So Pam's wonderful gift became my inspiration for my next entry. I am the only American in the group, but I do not want to make the entry too patriotic looking.  I live in Illinois which is known as the Land of Lincoln so the postage stamp was where I started. I have a great relationship with a female crow and being out in nature feeds my spirit.

After I mailed the journal off the last time, I thought it would be fun to add a bookmark and kicked myself for not having made one. Didn't want that opportunity to slip by so I created a bookmark using a recycled part of a calendar, some rub-ons, colored pencils, markers and a stamp pad. It's now attached to the journal.

I feel such an honor to be able to share this journey with Louise and Helen. It has truly been a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This is my latest page in Louise's journal, we have had a late and slow autumn this year, not much wind or storms so the trees have been beautiful.

I love textiles so for this page I embroidered the leaf onto silk organza and the background is dilusions inks.

Thankyou for the gorgeous pages in my journal.

Karen the American icons were a great idea! Fantastic page!!
Louise Your Ned Kelly page is fabulous too!! I grew up in Wangaratta right in the heart of Kelly country and in the last school holidays when we were up there we finally found Stringybark Creek (didn't have a good map last time). This is where it all went wrong for Ned and he shot two constables and became notorious. The kids are really interested in bushrangers at the moment so your page has been admired very much, thanks again Helen.

Monday, April 1, 2013

American Icons

 When Helen's Icon journal arrived once again at my door, I decided that I would have some fun. Since she is Australian and I'm an American, I thought that giving her American icons would give her a way to remember me. I choose one of her fold out pages to add to the challenge. I actually created Uncle Sam first. In the pocket, is a brief history of Uncle Sam. I even learned a few things. Having the opportunity to grow and share is such a valuable part of this experience. I hope Helen enjoys my additions to her beautiful journal.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Nature Study - March 2013

It was with great pleasure I welcomed my Nature Study,travelling art journal home and such a thrill to uncover the precious gifts that have been created within.

I have been so busy at home lately doing major home renovations, and really pressed for time to do anything else,so the gentle reminder from my fellow artist was just what I needed to take a break and create.

Some of the lovely pages growing in my journal-

They are very beautiful, and I am blessed to share this journey with such creative artists. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hi, I'm finally posting the pages I have done so far...  This is the page I did for Louise's journal Nature Study. I did this back in November when everything around here was very green!
This the page I did for Karen's journal, I felt like doing something pretty so I chose an angel.
And lastly this is the page i did in my Icon journal. It is an ode to Gustav Klimt who is definitly an art icon.
I have been enjoying this swap greatly, and Thankyou Karen for the lovely Valentine card it was gorgeous, Helen

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Contribution to Louise's Journal

 Louise asked that we share a little about ourselves (great idea and I am going to add that to my journal too!). There was only one page available to I followed Louise's lead and created a small booklet (cover first image).

I decided that I wanted to create something that actually flowed onto another set of pages. I began by tearing one page so the under page was visible then using two different stencils and a stamp pad created the background. After writing a long list of words, I decided on "grow" and "flow" to further connect the pages. Paper, tape, rubberstamps, stickers, a rub-on and writing complete what I've done. It's hard to stop but Palma, the journal swap organizer at Milliande, suggested that we don't need to finish. Tomorrow I'll mail the journal to Louise. I hope she will be pleased. My journal is on its way. Can't wait to revisit it! This is more fun than I imagined.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Karen's Journal- No Theme (Have Fun!)

I didn't have much time to create a journal from scratch (wasn't paying attention to the Milliande Ning group's call for swaps) so I just printed fabric and sewed a simple cover to a Strathmore Visual Journal (watercolor paper weight). I decided not to have a theme. I don't know if this is easier or not. You'll have to ask Louise and Helen. I wanted them to have as much freedom to play as their hearts desired. I do plan to decorate the outside of the journal once its journey is done.

I am so excited to be a part of this exchange. These kinds of activities always help me grow as a person and an artist. I am honored to have the opportunity to play with two amazing Australian artists.

I did watercolor and write on a few pages to give them a peek at who I am as a journal artist. I included some quotes because I do love collecting them. I hope they feel free to add to these pages too.  This is going to be fun!

Friday, January 11, 2013

                     Helen's Journal - Icons

This is my journal, Icons is my theme. I choose this because I love religous Icons both old and new. There are some fabulous artists on etsy that do icon paintings like FlorLarios and Heather Galler who was my inspiration for my cover.

Icons can be of anything that is important to you, there are no boundaries. I just like the decorative aspect of religous icons, they used all sorts of decorations from beads to precious stones, lace, ribbons, anything that the artist could get or afford to make the picture as decorative as possible.

So my journal sets a bit of a challenge to try something a different that will be fun!!!